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The blog will be updated on a regular basis to provide reviews on interesting gadgets, games and anything else that takes my interest.   

A site for enabling niche market products to be found and utilised where only one item will be displayed for review each week and based purely on bestseller ratings in Amazon or reviews from other trusted sites.  

Recommended Review  

Fiskars Weed Puller - No.1 bestseller on Amazon

An amazing piece of kit that revolutionises the way weeds are pulled from the ground.  Fiskars weed puller enables the weeds to be pulled from the ground without having to bend over and is extremely light compared to other weed pullers on the market.

Pros - Lightweight, easy to use, kind to knees and backs, well made.

Cons - Slightly more expensive than standard weed pullers, leaves holes that need to be filled.

The full review on Fiskars Weed Puller can be read on the blog here.


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